Friday, August 29, 2014

A Powerful Video on a Video Age

A lot of things happened this week, but I couldn't find anything to write about for this week's post. And then, It hit me. One of my very very good friends sent me this video, and I knew other people just had to watch it. ( plus, it goes absolutely perfectly with my last post) (to the extent that I'm questioning if this guy hacked my blog and read it) So here you go. Watch this and wonder. And go enjoy your weekends frolicking in parks and twirling in the air:)


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Instagram Experiment

It was August 17. The exact time I do not know, it was rather spur of the moment, harshly put together, and carelessly whipped up. You see, I seem to make the most irrational decisions when I fail to overthink. This was one of them. But one, I must admit, I do not regret.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A mouse and man in "of mice and men" A Book Review.

I wrote this review April 25th. Being the nerd I am, I wrote it for my own amusement. But hey, I have a blog now. So enjoy:)

A mouse and man in "of mice and men"
A review.

Recently, I finished reading steinbecks mega classic- of mice and men. Yes, yes you all know how i am not a fan of the grapes of wrath, but something struck me in "of mice and men" that only a few novels have the power to accomplish.

My Blog

My name is Angelica Delucca. And this is my blog. This being said, I would like to officially welcome you to Angelica's Allegories. You are probably wondering about why in the world I would name my Blog that. If you look up "Allegory" in the dictionary you will find something along the lines of "any work that is fully symbolic." I like a lot of things in life.  I find that one of the things I like the most is writing. So this blog will be a source of that and many other random, weird things that capture me and represent the way I view the world. Most of the time, I find the world most beautiful through a metaphor. These are my symbols, because I believe that life is limitless.