Saturday, December 12, 2015

little tips to take away from not writing and writing again

Saturday, October 17, 2015

ELECTRONIC ETIQUETTE (and the lack of it)

FACT: Evan Spiegal, first founded the idea for Snapchat because he wished there was something that would make the "pictures" (it should be noted that these "pictures" were nude photos) that he sent to his girlfriend- disappear.
(fact taken from

Now imagine this very common circumstance:

It's been a long day at school/work. Finally, the hour comes for a break. An opportunity comes to slowly re-energize yourself. As you have a little snack and as you sit back, you finally feel yourself becoming a real human again...

-But there are other people taking a break too. And you look up from your lunch to discover that you have been recorded for X amount of seconds eating X amount of food. Who is the person behind the cell phone? A fellow human? Some sort of paparazzo?


It is your "friend", your "colleague", your "classmate", or all of the above.

Sometimes it's just a random person. A stranger. 

As you sit back, you wonder, WHY? WHY does someone feel the need to record someone else? Is it for laughs? for entertainment? for their own sense of self-worth? for the acknowledgement of others?
Perhaps. But the only thing that you can be sure of, is that it is for this thing called SNAPCHAT.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Stops #1: A Note On Rome

Dear Readers,

It's been a while. How are you? It's been hard to write to all of you lately because I haven't really had a computer, since ours stopped working. (If your computer ever breaks down you will actually find that this is a blessing and a curse)(mostly a blessing). Ordinarily, in the summer I don't use it at all, but since i've been blogging, well, it's sort of necessary.  Nevertheless, I am back in business AND I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU GUYS. And since I have so much to tell you, I figured it would be much more reasonable to break down the next few posts into a series. First of all, it is with great sadness that I am writing you today on this last day of August. For tomorrow the world will be a different place. The mannequins in the storefronts will be wielding coats, blinding us with dark heavy tones, and the soft days of summer will disappear like the morning rain. So I dedicate this day, and these posts, to my summer travels. (And also to give all of you fellow travelers some tips and inside scoops and just some darn good stories that only occur when you pack a suitcase and get out of town.) Even though i'm back home, i'm posting my travel diary and photo diary for all of us, really, to fly away to some other place for a little while, before September comes and saps all of our summer dreams with it's evilness. So join me, as I attempt to freeze summer.

First Stop: Rome, Italy

The first thing you should know is that my family and I are by no means traditional tourists. We don't like hotels, or the overpriced, under-sized, uncomfortable, un-unique, basic-ness that comes with them. Therefore, it was only natural for us to decide on an Airbnb in Rome. The apartment owner was also very nice, and taught my mom how to use the traditional Italian espresso machine, and just contributed to the whole authentic experience we were aiming for on our vacation. If you have never heard of Airbnb then you should google it and look into for your next trip over seas.

The first thing I noticed about Rome is all the layers that it has. It has layer upon layer of historic buildings, of art, and of culture. As a tourist, it's easy to get caught up in one layer. Only when you are brave enough to become part of the city itself can you start to peel away the layers and see Rome's true foundations. The normal eye in Rome will see the gypsies, the graffiti, and the dirt on the streets. That is not all that Rome is. I hope that if you ever go to Rome you will see the beauty in the bricks and in the little pictures and paintings that line an artist's sidewalk. If you do see these things, then and only then, are you truly in Rome.

Friday, July 3, 2015

a poem, a message, a post. THE WILDEST THINGS

You may be wondering why. Why in one month, I haven't blogged. Why I've been writing every night and have all of this material yet have not put anything in front of anyone to read for a whole thirty-something days. And finally, why I didn't post anything in an extremely momentous month (June) in my life- like turning 18, graduating, and getting my license. Well I thank you for wondering. The best readers always ask why.
-But i'm not going to give you an answer, an excuse, or anything of the sort. This is not a blog about my life, it's a blog on my interpretations of my life. Of course, that means that I share something. So i'm sharing this poem for you to read. Like most other poets, the real meaning is meant for you, the reader, to figure out. 

So interpret, infer, dissect.

Here ya go...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Songs take us places.

Songs take us places. They give a voice to the cold wind, and a heart to the empty sidewalks and heavy streets we pound our lives on. Songs are poetry born from dust.

But most of the time, the only place we want them to take us... is back home. I went with my brother down the shore for spontaneous day trip this weekend because the weather was beautiful and spring was calling. I  find that it is on these spontaneous trips that the most wonderful things happen. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

People are like leaves...

People are like leaves... they change when the weather's good... and when it's bad. Sometimes, they get loose and fall, and sometimes... they get loose and are finally free. But the best part isn't when they're free. The best part is when they start to float and let the air spin them a bit and whir them around until they spread their colors all over the streets and sidewalks of a seemingly gray world. The best part, is when they let life carry them away and over the edge. Leaves, they tell their stories. In the cracks, breaks, and beauty that makes them fade. It's ok that we fall. When we fall, there's always that chance that someone or something will pick us up again...and return us to the wind.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Contest Winner! (Who Caught The Light)

I have taken a long time putting together this post, and the reason is simple.
I feel like these pictures deserve more than an ordinary post. I actually got a ton of pictures for this contest, and I have to say,
EVERY ONE WAS SPECTACULAR. I was not surprised at all because, quite frankly, art is everywhere. Creativity is captured on little phones with low resolution, the next Picasso might be stenciling on an ipad, and a future bestseller might be written on a typewriter. Who knows?! If it's art, let it be. After all, art is everywhere. 
Everywhere indeed. 
On that note,after much thought, I have chosen a winner.
BEHOLD. (dramatic sounding music play... NOW)
Oh and by the way, there were a couple of other photographs that I really liked, and I just had to post as they were also awesome. Of course I had to write a couple more poems too. The ones I choose to feature are all very different. Nonetheless, they all tell stories - pretty good stories.
You guys are just too inspiring!

Monday, February 9, 2015

At The End Of The Day -A Review on Les Miserables, (That Broadway Musical)

Recently, I went to see this play on Broadway called Les Miserables. It was good, in a misery-turned-into-beauty kind of way. I'm trying to hide my excitement because some of you, as I recently discovered, have not heard of this seemingly odd named musical, book, and/or movie before. (I'm trying to hold back my initial reactions to this discovery of these people who may or may not include you). Nevertheless, in this post, I welcome all. Let me reveal to you the origins of this production. Actually, let me review.

When I think of Les Miserables, I think of the young Cosette (a little girl in the play), with her hair blowing across her somber eyes and gazing at the audience. Like everything else, it's a metaphor.

Monday, January 26, 2015

"Catch The Light" a one-of-a-kind photography contest

Dear dear readers,

I need a little inspiration, so I've been thinking- why not share some inspiration with each other?I have found that I like posting a photograph or two on every post, (you may or may have not noticed this). I like pictures, but most of all, I like the kind of pictures that make people feel something. I know everyone likes pictures that captures moments, but those pictures just don't suffice for me. I like the pictures that capture a feeling. So here's your chance, dear reader, to submit a kind of picture that you have taken that looks like it's frozen in time. Let's call it the "Catch The Light" photography contest. Pictures and words go hand in hand, and I will write a poem inspired by the winning picture.  Here's some instructions to follow if you want to submit.

Catch The Light Photography Contest

1. Your photograph can be edited, or not-edited. You can also submit more than one if you wish.

2. You submit your photographs by sending them via email to mua. Please email all submissions to

3. Include your full name, (if you have a website include that too!), and a brief explanation of the picture and its title (if it has one). You will of course get full credit if I pick it as a winner.


Let the contest begin,

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Galaxy Not So Far Away-the effect of traveling far and wide

I've been to a lot of places in my seventeen years of life. Happy places, interesting places, exotic places, and the ordinarily plain places. I like discovering new places. Traveling. I like the way it feels when I step off a plane or a boat or out of a car and the air smells different- more interesting. Call it wander-lust or just plain tourist behavior. It will always happen, because I will always find myself in new places, at new times. So I continue breathing it all in, the air, the trees, or the lack-of air and trees. Sometimes I like to look back at the pictures that still make me remember the sounds, smells, and feel of it all. In this post I endeavor to take you with me, dear reader, on this journey that I can't recreate but that I can only retell through pictures that flip through my memories like thirty second commercials. And even though I've been to a lot of places, there are only a handful that are so vivid in the back of my mind. I think of these as little galaxies, the rare travels that I prefer not to revisit in the future because they are doing just fine as photo albums in my mind. Besides, the best experiences only happen once. And oh how they happen. Here are just three of the stories that have taken me far and wide, and some not so far at all.