Monday, January 26, 2015

"Catch The Light" a one-of-a-kind photography contest

Dear dear readers,

I need a little inspiration, so I've been thinking- why not share some inspiration with each other?I have found that I like posting a photograph or two on every post, (you may or may have not noticed this). I like pictures, but most of all, I like the kind of pictures that make people feel something. I know everyone likes pictures that captures moments, but those pictures just don't suffice for me. I like the pictures that capture a feeling. So here's your chance, dear reader, to submit a kind of picture that you have taken that looks like it's frozen in time. Let's call it the "Catch The Light" photography contest. Pictures and words go hand in hand, and I will write a poem inspired by the winning picture.  Here's some instructions to follow if you want to submit.

Catch The Light Photography Contest

1. Your photograph can be edited, or not-edited. You can also submit more than one if you wish.

2. You submit your photographs by sending them via email to mua. Please email all submissions to

3. Include your full name, (if you have a website include that too!), and a brief explanation of the picture and its title (if it has one). You will of course get full credit if I pick it as a winner.


Let the contest begin,

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Galaxy Not So Far Away-the effect of traveling far and wide

I've been to a lot of places in my seventeen years of life. Happy places, interesting places, exotic places, and the ordinarily plain places. I like discovering new places. Traveling. I like the way it feels when I step off a plane or a boat or out of a car and the air smells different- more interesting. Call it wander-lust or just plain tourist behavior. It will always happen, because I will always find myself in new places, at new times. So I continue breathing it all in, the air, the trees, or the lack-of air and trees. Sometimes I like to look back at the pictures that still make me remember the sounds, smells, and feel of it all. In this post I endeavor to take you with me, dear reader, on this journey that I can't recreate but that I can only retell through pictures that flip through my memories like thirty second commercials. And even though I've been to a lot of places, there are only a handful that are so vivid in the back of my mind. I think of these as little galaxies, the rare travels that I prefer not to revisit in the future because they are doing just fine as photo albums in my mind. Besides, the best experiences only happen once. And oh how they happen. Here are just three of the stories that have taken me far and wide, and some not so far at all.