Monday, February 9, 2015

At The End Of The Day -A Review on Les Miserables, (That Broadway Musical)

Recently, I went to see this play on Broadway called Les Miserables. It was good, in a misery-turned-into-beauty kind of way. I'm trying to hide my excitement because some of you, as I recently discovered, have not heard of this seemingly odd named musical, book, and/or movie before. (I'm trying to hold back my initial reactions to this discovery of these people who may or may not include you). Nevertheless, in this post, I welcome all. Let me reveal to you the origins of this production. Actually, let me review.

When I think of Les Miserables, I think of the young Cosette (a little girl in the play), with her hair blowing across her somber eyes and gazing at the audience. Like everything else, it's a metaphor.