Friday, July 3, 2015

a poem, a message, a post. THE WILDEST THINGS

You may be wondering why. Why in one month, I haven't blogged. Why I've been writing every night and have all of this material yet have not put anything in front of anyone to read for a whole thirty-something days. And finally, why I didn't post anything in an extremely momentous month (June) in my life- like turning 18, graduating, and getting my license. Well I thank you for wondering. The best readers always ask why.
-But i'm not going to give you an answer, an excuse, or anything of the sort. This is not a blog about my life, it's a blog on my interpretations of my life. Of course, that means that I share something. So i'm sharing this poem for you to read. Like most other poets, the real meaning is meant for you, the reader, to figure out. 

So interpret, infer, dissect.

Here ya go...