Monday, March 7, 2016


Venice is a painting. Constantly being brushed upon by the eyes of those who see it as it really is.
It is a reflection, a song, a dreamland. 
But the best thing about Venice is not in it's canals or lonely streets. 
The best part, is letting those canals and those streets carry you away for a little while,
letting it lull you under it's quiet song,
and take you away through its fleeting dreams. 

When to go
fall or spring. In the summer, Venice can be very hot and humid, like a lagoon. The average temperature there during the summer months is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit paired with humidity. Fortunately, I happened to go to Venice a week after a huge downpour, and there was a cool breeze during our stay that made the warm weather bearable.

Where to stay:
DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT stay in a hotel in the center of Venice, near San Marco's square and Piazzale Roma. These are parts of Venice (where tourists first arrive) that feel like a sardine can because of the hordes of people in a small area. There are parts of Venice that are not like this. Most of the hotels, however, are in this sardine can feeling area. 
We rented a vrbo in Venice and it was a perfect experience. Our vrbo was located in a narrow street leading off of a neighborhood square and canals. It was in a typical historic Venetian building, but it was fully renovated and was roomy and modernized (complete with the cutest little yellow fridge). It even had a balcony terrace overlooking the grand canal! (see picture) The best part- it had air conditioning and cost less than a hotel! We would walk to the nearby square every day and get fresh gelati, bread, and fruit. We people watched the locals, whose children would play and romp among the canal and cobblestone. We used a map to weave through the streets, but they new their city inside and out. 
It was magic.
So remember to rent during your stay in a part of Venice that is away from the central squares! By doing so, you will have a full authentic Venetian experience. 

What to do: ummm... sit down and watch everything wide-eyed duhhh. Along with that, make sure to go to San Marco's square (especially at night!) because there are a handful of mini-orchestras in front of the high-end restaurants that take turns playing music once the sun sets. Linger in the squares. Alot of cool and unreal things happen in the little squares in Venice. One night, tango music suddenly came on and all of these older couples started dancing in unison. A gondola ride is necessary. Make sure you pick one that is away from the central areas because in the crowded areas, there is gondola traffic. Also- every gondola ride is the same price, so don't waste time trying to go from gondolier to gondolier for something cheaper. All of them are required by the city of Venice to be 80 Euros.

What to eat: gelato. gelati. Any way you want to say it, anywhere you eat it in Venice, it will taste amazing. Just eat all the food you can while there. Also, everytime you are in Italy you have to have pasta. (See picture of pasta store. Yes, that is all pasta in the picture)

How to get around: The best way of travel in Venice is walking or taking the waterbus. But when we were taking our gondola ride, we noticed some tourists riding this cool waterbike, so there's apparently more modes of transport than I previously thought (see picture). Venice is a maze, so don't be afraid to go out and wander at night. I felt completely safe in Venice, and there are way less gypsies there then in Rome if you're worried about that sort of thing. We walked everywhere! The moon makes the most fantastic reflections against all of the canals once the sun sets.
There are also other islands around the main island in Venice that are smaller and have their own quirks. You can use ferries to visit them, and the most popular are Murano and Burano. Murano is famous for it's glass and Burano is famous for it's colorfully-painted houses.  

 And most importantly,- do not be afraid to get lost: It is bound to happen, so let it. 
(just take a waterbus back to your hotel/apartment because your feet will be dying at the end of the day). 

*all photos property of Angelica Delucca*

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