Q: What experience do you have as a writer/artist?

A: I have been blogging since 2014, but I have been writing creatively for as long as I can remember. I have experience with publishing/writing/editing for professional online magazines, literary magazines, and school newspapers.
I recently worked as a contributing photographer and writer for an online home design/reno magazine called housetipster.com (check out some of my articles on their site!)
I am currently in my university's honors program,
where I am complete with a minor in English/literature.
 This has allowed me to further perfect my craft in creative writing/journalism
 and has also increased my knowledge and love for literature.
But, the best experiences that I have gained as a writer/artist, have come from observing.
Traveling to different places, noticing little things, and creating big stories from observations
 have been the best experiences for me to create from.
As a visual artist, I take advantage of traveling to different countries by creating video diaries
(my Paris video diary is up on the blog). 
As I am currently pursuing a BA degree in Art/Graphic-Communication Design,
I have gained experience specifically in photography, marketing, logo, and advertising design.
 I have experience with working with film photography, (black and white specifically),
taking photographs on film cameras, video editing, and using photography/design software.
I also know how to print my own photographs in a professional darkroom.
I have further experience in editing digital photos using various mediums and am proficient in using illustrator.

Q: Is all of the photography/pictures on your blog your own?

A: Yes! Every single photo
 (with the exception of this picture of a typewriter used as a cover photo for one of my posts)
are mine.
 If any photographs are not mine, I give credit to the photographer on the bottom of a post.

Q: Would you be interested in a collaboration with another blogger?

A: Absolutely!
 I am open to interviews, post collaborations, and even suggestions on topics for posts.
Any inquiries can be answered in my email- angelicasallegories@gmail.com

Q: Would you be interested in a collaboration with a brand?

A: Yes! I would be open to reviewing/sponsors/guest posting for brands.
 If you are representing a brand, please contact me via email.

Q: Where have you traveled?

A complete list of my travels can be found in the "Travel" tab on my blog.

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