Hey, I'm Angelica.

Angelica's Allegories has been my little corner on the internet since 2014.
And like many corners, some of it has been dusted off, changed, and been through quite a few makeovers. I had a feeling this would happen when I created it (hence the title). 
And so, for now, this corner is slowly becoming an explanation for my more personal adventures.
You might be wondering what that is, so i'll let you in on it.
As a graphic design major and an english literature minor, you'll find that my blog is mostly made up of my behind-the-scenes design process (both commercial and personal) and blog entries on my photography.
I've never been a fan of stuffy websites, so unlike most, this  website is sort of an extension of my work as well, riddled with the explanations for my inspirations and the journey behind it.
I hope you get it, and I hope you enjoy.

welcome in.


Want to discover more?

Check out frequently asked questions, or contact me via email at angelicasallegories@gmail.com

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