My name is Angelica Delucca
And this is my blog. 
This being said, I would like to officially welcome you to Angelica's Allegories.
 You are probably wondering about why in the world I would name my blog that.
 If you look up "Allegory" in the dictionary you will find something along the lines of 
"any work that is fully symbolic."
 I like a lot of things in life. 
But my favorite things- are this...


I am simply a lover of impossibilities, soft displays of humor, and wondrous wondrous wonder.

 I find that one of the things I like the most is writing. 
my blog is a source of that and  many other random things that capture me and represent the way I view the world.
 Most of the time, I find the world most beautiful through a metaphor. 
These are my symbols, because I believe that life is limitless.

so i hope you like my words and you listen to my stories.
and i hope they encourage you to get out there
and make your own.

I have been blogging since August 2014!

Why I blog: 
Everyone has their hobbies, or their "fun things to do." 
This is my "fun thing." I just love the whole idea of a blog.

Feel free to comment below each post on what you think about it.
I am really looking for other point of views, 
and I can guarantee you- i'll probably respond.

I created this blog: 
in order to get my WORDS, my PICTURES, my STORIES
- into YOUR possession.  
I firmly believe and have always said that I write TO people, not for people.

These are my ideas, what's floating around in my brain, and what I am passionate about.
You'll find poetry, travel tips, stories, and a mish mosh of everything.
-Right here in this little spot on the internet.

to sum it all up:
{a collection of randomly amusing words and occasional bouts of poetry}

P.s. I would like to take a moment to thank my mother
(for pushing me and not letting me procrastinate and really encouraging me to create this)
She is my biggest fan.

-Angelica Delucca

Want to discover more?

Check out frequently asked questions, or contact me via email at angelicasallegories@gmail.com

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