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Friday, March 13, 2015

Contest Winner! (Who Caught The Light)

I have taken a long time putting together this post, and the reason is simple.
I feel like these pictures deserve more than an ordinary post. I actually got a ton of pictures for this contest, and I have to say,
EVERY ONE WAS SPECTACULAR. I was not surprised at all because, quite frankly, art is everywhere. Creativity is captured on little phones with low resolution, the next Picasso might be stenciling on an ipad, and a future bestseller might be written on a typewriter. Who knows?! If it's art, let it be. After all, art is everywhere. 
Everywhere indeed. 
On that note,after much thought, I have chosen a winner.
BEHOLD. (dramatic sounding music play... NOW)
Oh and by the way, there were a couple of other photographs that I really liked, and I just had to post as they were also awesome. Of course I had to write a couple more poems too. The ones I choose to feature are all very different. Nonetheless, they all tell stories - pretty good stories.
You guys are just too inspiring!

Monday, January 26, 2015

"Catch The Light" a one-of-a-kind photography contest

Dear dear readers,

I need a little inspiration, so I've been thinking- why not share some inspiration with each other?I have found that I like posting a photograph or two on every post, (you may or may have not noticed this). I like pictures, but most of all, I like the kind of pictures that make people feel something. I know everyone likes pictures that captures moments, but those pictures just don't suffice for me. I like the pictures that capture a feeling. So here's your chance, dear reader, to submit a kind of picture that you have taken that looks like it's frozen in time. Let's call it the "Catch The Light" photography contest. Pictures and words go hand in hand, and I will write a poem inspired by the winning picture.  Here's some instructions to follow if you want to submit.

Catch The Light Photography Contest

1. Your photograph can be edited, or not-edited. You can also submit more than one if you wish.

2. You submit your photographs by sending them via email to mua. Please email all submissions to

3. Include your full name, (if you have a website include that too!), and a brief explanation of the picture and its title (if it has one). You will of course get full credit if I pick it as a winner.


Let the contest begin,