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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Songs take us places.

Songs take us places. They give a voice to the cold wind, and a heart to the empty sidewalks and heavy streets we pound our lives on. Songs are poetry born from dust.

But most of the time, the only place we want them to take us... is back home. I went with my brother down the shore for spontaneous day trip this weekend because the weather was beautiful and spring was calling. I  find that it is on these spontaneous trips that the most wonderful things happen. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

At The End Of The Day -A Review on Les Miserables, (That Broadway Musical)

Recently, I went to see this play on Broadway called Les Miserables. It was good, in a misery-turned-into-beauty kind of way. I'm trying to hide my excitement because some of you, as I recently discovered, have not heard of this seemingly odd named musical, book, and/or movie before. (I'm trying to hold back my initial reactions to this discovery of these people who may or may not include you). Nevertheless, in this post, I welcome all. Let me reveal to you the origins of this production. Actually, let me review.

When I think of Les Miserables, I think of the young Cosette (a little girl in the play), with her hair blowing across her somber eyes and gazing at the audience. Like everything else, it's a metaphor.