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Saturday, October 17, 2015

ELECTRONIC ETIQUETTE (and the lack of it)

FACT: Evan Spiegal, first founded the idea for Snapchat because he wished there was something that would make the "pictures" (it should be noted that these "pictures" were nude photos) that he sent to his girlfriend- disappear.
(fact taken from

Now imagine this very common circumstance:

It's been a long day at school/work. Finally, the hour comes for a break. An opportunity comes to slowly re-energize yourself. As you have a little snack and as you sit back, you finally feel yourself becoming a real human again...

-But there are other people taking a break too. And you look up from your lunch to discover that you have been recorded for X amount of seconds eating X amount of food. Who is the person behind the cell phone? A fellow human? Some sort of paparazzo?


It is your "friend", your "colleague", your "classmate", or all of the above.

Sometimes it's just a random person. A stranger. 

As you sit back, you wonder, WHY? WHY does someone feel the need to record someone else? Is it for laughs? for entertainment? for their own sense of self-worth? for the acknowledgement of others?
Perhaps. But the only thing that you can be sure of, is that it is for this thing called SNAPCHAT.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Image. Photoshop and the Power of a Painted Face.

I read a lot. Sometimes this reading includes magazines. I read a lot of Vogue and high fashion magazines when i'm in supermarkets or have appointments, but who buys those huge things anyways? More than half are advertisements! It's a rip off! Anyway, I have noticed, as a teenage girl, that these advertisements are very specific, almost engineered in a way where the positioning of someone's chin and the alignment of a shoulder makes the picture. Sometimes it's disturbing. The most disturbing part? The fact that other people breeze through these images thinking they are perfectly normal.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Powerful Video on a Video Age

A lot of things happened this week, but I couldn't find anything to write about for this week's post. And then, It hit me. One of my very very good friends sent me this video, and I knew other people just had to watch it. ( plus, it goes absolutely perfectly with my last post) (to the extent that I'm questioning if this guy hacked my blog and read it) So here you go. Watch this and wonder. And go enjoy your weekends frolicking in parks and twirling in the air:)


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Instagram Experiment

It was August 17. The exact time I do not know, it was rather spur of the moment, harshly put together, and carelessly whipped up. You see, I seem to make the most irrational decisions when I fail to overthink. This was one of them. But one, I must admit, I do not regret.